17 Festive Holiday Fundraiser Ideas for your School’s PTO PTA

Then, when they arrive, have hot or cold drinks ready to sip (at a distance, of course!). This is also a great choice for a peer-to-peer fundraising or crowdfunding campaign. Hosting a parents’ party gives them the chance to do just that.
That means you’ll need to reach out to plenty of popular local businesses to set up unique discounts and promotions. Fall is an excellent time to turbo-charge your school fundraising. The school year is still fresh, and so is enthusiasm among students and families.
No matter how you feel about sales and marketing, you simply have to bare your teeth and admit that fundraising is a form of sales. Certainly it’s an altruistic form, but none-the-less, the goal is to exchange “funds”. A scavenger hunt is an exciting fundraising event for high school students. For this event, have participants sign up in groups for a fee to participate. The teams will compete in an around-town scavenger hunt and win prizes. Organise a movie night at the school premises and ask students to purchase tickets to attend.
Announce donations every time one comes in to inspire dancers to keep going and create natural moments for social sharing to spread the word quickly. Can you think of anything better than running for your school through a course full of color? The Color Run is an excellent source of inspiration for schools to recreate with their students. Get each student to fundraise individually for the chance to win prizes and climb the fundraiser leaderboard.
Provide a link to your online donation page if you’re using one, or details about how your followers can support your in-person fundraiser. All of the donations raised on these particular pages will be directed back toward your team to help you reach your goal. Your team can keep your online donation page on your website at all times so that giving doesn’t have to stop, even during the off-season! Your team can hold more time-sensitive fundraisers and offer the online donation option simultaneously. Online donation pages are one of the most effective fundraising strategies your team can choose if your online presence is already strong.
Whether it’s a pile of graded work or a DVD for movie day, your teachers have a lot to carry to and from class. These custom bags zip open and closed, which protects everything inside. They’re also made from jute – a natural plant fiber that’s much more eco-friendly than other fabrics. If you need giveaways for high school students, you can’t go wrong with Rainbow Hardcover Notebooks.
You also try out a theme, like showing “Lady and the Tramp” on Valentine’s Day or “Coraline” on Halloween. While your organization should focus on bringing in a few high-ticket items, low-cost school auction items are exactly what you need to drive proceeds toward your mission. One of the number one school auction ideas out there right now is the Date Night Basket – for many reasons.
There are school fundraiser companies that would be happy to pay you a percentage of all the money spent at the restaurant during your party. Simply put, it makes for a lot of competition for your next softball fundraiser. That is why we wanted to share these 12 fundraiser options for softball teams. Here you will find helpful tips and ideas about fundraising.
As our top selling candle fundraiser with no up-front costs and an earning potential of 50% profit, it’s a safe and sound option for meeting your financial goals. Easy Fundraising Ideas gives you 50% profit on each and every candle you sell. It only takes a little common sense to play your cards right and come up with football fundraising ideas that will suit your group and its customers perfectly. As long as you keep your goal in mind, coming up with appropriate football fundraising ideas is actually the easy part.