215+ Amazing Fundraising Ideas for Your Organization

On Disney Day, students get to dress up as their favorite Disney characters in exchange for a small donation. Promote this event well in advance to allow parents to make or buy the costumes. You can liven up this event with other add-on ideas to engage both kids and their parents. Unlike candy bars, popcorn is still a relatively healthy snack (unless loaded with too much sugar, salt, or butter). A board game tournament is a simple, cost-effective and easy-to-plan workplace fundraiser that can get your office’s competitive juices flowing.
There are a few items to keep in mind when using a fundraising thermometer to ensure you’re making the most of your tool. Now you have your own customized fundraising thermometer on your website. From here, start tracking your hard-earned funds in a visually appealing and accessible way. Just be sure to keep it updated on a regular basis with the most recent fundraising information. Creating a fundraising thermometer for your fundraising site is easier than you might think.
Prepare a tasty menu, offering options for all dietary choices and requirements. Invite your donors, supporters, partners, volunteers, and staff to break the fast together or simply celebrate the spirit of Ramadan. Being such a community practice/tradition, iftars are perfect for fundraising. Watercolor painting or drawing classes, knitting or crocheting nights, and other craft projects and activities are all good options. Make sure you have a way to collect the funds and provide receipts for your donors. With auctions, because the donor is getting something tangible for their donation, donor burnout decreases and contributor loyalty increases.
Once an item is sold, the baker will be notified and pack up and ship your baked goods. This way, you’re not counting on everyone to have a sweet tooth on the same day. Instead, you can promote your bake sale for a longer period of time and maybe even offer special discounts to incentivize supporters. A community potluck can be an excellent opportunity to get to know your supporters better, educate them about your cause, and raise money for your nonprofit. A rubber duck race is a silly, family-friendly fundraising event that can be a fun way to get to know more of your local supporters and inform them about your cause.
Those advantages make arts and crafts fundraisers a great way to raise money. Set up a plant sale where local green thumbs can sell cuttings from their favorite plants to raise money for your chosen charity group. Invite participants to a chocolate-tasting event and charge an entry fee or ask them to collect pledges from their friends and family. Offer samples of different types of chocolates, including white, dark, and milk chocolate.
Who knows but by throwing a roshambo event you can get multiple people engaged. Charge per game and have sponsors or businesses contribute to a variety of prizes or one large prize. Less hardcore than a skydive but still a little out of the comfort zone, a sponsored abseil can also be a great activity to have volunteers fundraise on your behalf. Allow workers or students to purchase a rose to be sent to somebody anonymously (or not!) nearby on valentine’s day. A kitsch but cute way to make money for your company on Valentine’s day, awwww. Since this property is in need of complete renovation at this point in time, we are also planning to renovate the building starting this month end.
Cooking and baking competitions are a foolproof way to bring the community together and raise funds for your cause. Your Holiday Elves can set up Christmas trees, dispose of Christmas trees, set up Christmas lights, shovel snow, and provide other useful seasonal services in exchange for donations. Make use of the season of cheer to raise money for a cause close to you. Here are some ideas that mix the spirit of Christmas and the giving. The ideal fundraising idea for all those sorority and fraternity members looking to stay fashionable and up to date with the latest trends. Have your members and the wider community donate unwanted books to your fraternity/sorority.
Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas are the way to go if you want to give the regular dinner fundraiser a glamorous makeover. This political fundraising idea can rake in donations like no other. For example, in 2012, actor and social activist George Clooney organized a dinner to raise funds for then-presidential re-electionist Barack Obama.
The winner could get a bag of goodies from a local health store, a blender, or another ‘health-related’ item as a prize. And to make the night memorable, plan a trick on your guests that will coincide with the theme of the movie. For example, you could set up a phone to ring during the screening of “The Ring” or a clown passing behind the screen or through the door during the screening of “It”. For alternatives, you could organize a zombie mud run dividing participants into humans trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world and zombies looking to feed off them.
If they don’t want the prize, they’ll pay $5 or $10 to not be included in the raffle. Invite your supporters to bring their furry friends to your sale and pick out their next favorite toy or treat. You could even sell bonus items or services like hand-painted pet portraits or dog washes. This flexible, cost-effective fundraiser is perfect for engaging donors of all ages!