9 AMAZING FUNDRAISING IDEAS FOR CHURCH fundraiser for church ideas


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Though this idea may sound like we are asking you to invest in a solid gold wheelbarrow, that is not actually the case. The $500 comes from the fact that a wheelbarrow can hold up to 50,000 pennies, which adds up to $500!

Borrow a wheelbarrow from someone in the community. Start the penny drive by encouraging your congregation to bring their extra pennies/spare change to add to the wheelbarrow collection. Watch as it grows every week after church service. You’ll be surprised at the amount of money you can raise!


A morning coffee drive is basically a guarantee of at least moderate success because most people cannot live without their caffeine! The morning church goers will be shook when they see your coffee stand waiting for them. Is it divine intervention? Or just really clever marketing?

Level your stand up with homemade pastries and breads if you’d like. You may even get lucky if you ask around local coffee shops to donate some supplies to the cause.


Fan the flames of fundraising with a good ol’ fashioned candle drive. Though this may be a less popular option on other organizations’ dockets, this idea is perfect for a church! Candles make a great gift and also are vocationally symbolic within the Church context.

You can buy candles in bulk from online retailers at a heavily discounted rate. Sell them for more using volunteers who can go door-to-door or sell them online. That’s capitalism, baby….!


We all indulge from time to time, it’s just a part of life. But imagine the money you’d have in your pocket if you went without that expensive cup of coffee.

Challenge your congregation to set aside their indulgence money and donate it instead. A great time of the year to do this idea is during the 40 days of Lent when people are already thinking about giving something up.


A chili cook-off is always a top favorite fundraising idea that foodies and chefs alike will enjoy! Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition between church members, right? End the unspoken rivalry between the chili experts and find out who truly holds the title.

In order to make this fun contest into a fundraising event, charge an entrance fee. Make sure you provide some plastic bowls and utensils so the judges and families can try the food. Have a nice prize for the champion and make it a yearly thing!


Capitalizing on nostalgia is a hot marketing trend recently. The 1990’s are a time period that a lot of millennials are super attached to because that’s when they grew up!

You should tap into that demographic by hosting a 90’s party right at your church. There are plenty of guides online about potential fashion choices and decorations. Don’t forget to add some boy bands and pop stars of the era to the party playlist. Fundraise by charging for tickets at the door as well as online.


This is an oddball event that is sure to get people talking! Choose someone from your congregation who everyone loves to make a spectacle of (in a good way, of course). It could be a priest, a nun, or even an altar boy. This is the person you will keep “detained” until you meet your fundraising goals. The congregation is sure to find this amusing!

Motivate the crowd to donate funds to “free them” within a limited time frame. If it is safe, you can put your hostage somewhere ridiculous and publicly viewable, such as the church’s roof. If this isn’t doable, a room decked out to look like a “jail” will suffice.


This is the perfect idea for a youth group church fundraiser! Most schools and churches don’t allow kids to wear anything on their head while attending. Most kids have at least a few hats, from silly costume hats to the garden variety baseball caps and beanies.

The children will leap at the opportunity to be allowed to wear their special hat in front of their friends for a day in exchange for a dollar donation! It’s fun to see everyone express themselves through fashion for a good cause.